2019 U3A Manningham Annual Report

Although the Annual General Meeting has been postponed to a date to be determined, the 2019 U3A Manningham Annual Report has now been emailed to all members.

Suspension of all U3A Manningham classes

The Committee of Management has decided to cancel all classes from and including Monday 16 March until the end of Term 1.

This has been decided in response to the advice from medical experts and the concerns of our own members over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

The U3A Manningham Office will close immediately for the remainder of Term 1 and the Annual General Meeting will be postponed from Thursday 19th March 2020 until a date to be determined in Term 2.

The Manningham Committee of Management will make a decision regarding the resumption of U3A classes just before Easter and this decision will be conveyed to all members before the scheduled start of Term 2.


Information on how to communicate Enrolment problems  

Our Enrolments Team is very happy to assist Members with any enrolment problems they may have. However, it is important that enrolment queries only be communicated in either of the following two ways:

  • By leaving a handwritten message at the U3A office. Such a message must be written on a message form (available at the office) which must be dated and signed. The office personnel will ensure that the message is put into the appropriate pigeonhole. Please note that only messages that are signed and dated will be followed up by the Enrolments Team.
  • By email using either of the following U3A Manningham enrolment email addresses:

  • General enrolment email address - To be used for all queries regarding classes, waitlists, enrolling in or withdrawing from a class (when this is not able to be actioned by the member online), applying for a refund, updating contact details including changes of email addresses. Also Tutors wishing to close or increase the size of a class.

    Enrolment Help email address - To be used for queries or problems members and/or class reps may have regarding enrolments or marking rolls online, as well as any other enrolment assistance required. Enrolment Help acts as an assistant to the Enrolments Officer.

If your enrolment queries are submitted in either of these ways, they will be received and acted upon promptly.



Membership Fee Refunds

We are always sorry when members are unable to attend their selected classes. If that does occur and you wish to apply for the refund of your membership fee, a request may be submitted at any time during the membership (calendar) year.

Please note that a member will only be eligible for a membership fee refund if he/she has not been accepted into any classes in which he/she has enrolled and is not currently in arrears on any fees payable to U3A Manningham. As well, special or extenuating circumstances (especially early in the membership year) may be considered and must be submitted in writing to the Treasurer either by email ( or a letter which can be left at the office.

Membership refund forms are available from the office or may be downloaded here or from the Course Information Page. Please ensure that the form is properly completed and signed and contains sufficient information for the request to be assessed and processed effectively.

Once a refund has been approved, the membership is revoked and the person will be removed from all waiting lists and will cease to be a member of U3AM, and therefore, will no longer be eligible to attend any classes or organised events of U3AM. Upon membership cessation, a new application will have to made should you decide to rejoin in the future.



Code Red Fire Danger Rating – Cancellation of all U3A Manningham Classes
The Pines Learning and Activity Centre is now a designated Manningham Emergency Relief Centre. As such, Manningham Council has priority use of the building during a declared emergency.
Following declaration by the Victorian CFA of a Code Red Fire Danger Rating in the Central district (Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas), all U3A Manningham classes will be cancelled automatically, without notice, in all locations until the emergency has ceased.
The U3A car park at The Pines will be closed to the public during this time.
Updated information regarding emergency situations is available on the CFA website (, on local ABC 774 and commercial radio stations, on Sky News TV, and on the Victorian Bushfire Information Line (1800 240 667). Members should stay informed, follow the advice given and not make unnecessary trips.

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